Magnolia Optical Technologies, Inc. is a start-up company consisting of a talented group of people. This group includes experts in materials technology, device development, chip packaging, foundry operations, skilled technicians, and contracts/finance. Collectively, this group represents more than a hundred year of experience in the advanced devices for optical communications. This group is highly motivated by the chance to create new devices and applications as part of a start-up operation.

In addition to this dedicated team, Magnolia has established a Technical Advisory Board. Members of this Technical Advisory Board are involved with advanced research throughout the country. Magnolia will fund initial development work in these laboratories to cut development cost and time. Magnolia staff will work with these laboratories and manage the development effort. The patent rights and intellectual property will be owned by Magnolia. This strategy gives Magnolia access to the technical infrastructure existing in these facilities to reduce time-to-market.

The Magnolia team has first hand experience in growth processes, device development, and running the business in their present positions. The network of personal contacts available throughout this community, coupled with a "dream team" Technical Advisory Board, make Magnolia a very viable venture.

Dr. Ashok K. Sood, Co-Founder
President and CEO

Dr. Yash R. Puri
Co-Founder, Executive VP and CFO