Design and Development of Radiation Hardened ROIC for Multi-color LWIR/VLWIR Focal Plane Arrays

Radiation Hardened Multi-color infrared (IR) focal planes are required for MDA/SMDC systems applications . Key to meeting these system requirements is to develop multi-color radiation hardened HgCdTe focal plane arrays for LWIR band ( 7-14 microns) and VLWIR band with wavelength of greater than 14 microns with high pixel uniformity, reduced readout noise, improved resolution, and higher temperature of operation, to reduce cost and weight of these EO sensors. The objective of the proposed Phase I effort is to design Radiation Hardened ROIC for two color application in the 7-14 (LWIR) micron band and greater than 14 (VLWIR) micron band. The radiation hardened ROIC required for these multi-color LWIR and VLWIR applications will be designed with the use of 0.25 micron or 0.18 micron CMOS rad hard technology. Magnolia proposes simultaneous two-color readout with high frame rates. Magnolia proposes to evaluate designs for large dynamic range. We will also evaluate innovative circuit techniques and designs to meet the future MDA systems requirement. These designs will be hardened to handle prompt and persistent gamma, single events, and space radiation effects. Magnolia proposes to develop a radiation hardened ROIC design and demonstrate the feasibility by the end of Phase I.

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Dr. Yash R. Puri
Co-Founder, Executive VP and CFO


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