Innovative Processing for the Manufacturing of High- Performance and High- Reliability GaN-based Devices for High Power RF Applications

GaN and AlGaN-based devices have demonstrated versatility in RF electronic applications which is practically unmatched by any other material system. Several device structures are good candidates for power amplifiers. These include HEMT (High ElectronMobility Transistor), HFET (Heterostructure Field Effect Transistor) and MOSHFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Heterostructure Field Effect Transistor).In order to demonstrate RF devices capable of PAE of 40-50 percent and high power density for operation at 10 GHz or greater ,with reliability , will require Porcess inprovements in material growth and device fabrication.The proposed effort aims to develop and implement process technology innovations that have the potential of a major impact on the performance, reliability and manufacturability of GaN and AlGaN based RF electronics. These innovations utilize equipmentmodifications and design changes, process parameter control and metal contact optimization in order to improve RF nitride device manufacturing. By addressing this crucial aspect of the unique problems of manufacturing technology for GaN/AlGaN highperformance, devices, we aim to develop solutions that will directly contribute to the important goals of reliability for WBG amplifier components and manufacturing cost reduction. As the field of high-power RF devices based on nitride semiconductorsmatures, Magnolia will be able to develop a product portfolio for addressing the nitride processing . The innovations incorporated in processing equipment by Magnolia will be readily applicable to the nitride industry.Currently, the market for nitride-based products encompasses blue-green light emitting diodes (LEDs), laser diodes, ultraviolet detectors, lighting, traffic signals and instrument panel lighting usage and displays. In addition to this existing market, RFnitride devices are needed for future cellular phone base stations and other applications in wireless communications.The ability of efficient, rugged nitride-based devices to function properly at temperature as high as 350 oC makes them particularly attractive for application in high temperature environments.

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