Magnolia has a team of experts to offer R&D capabilities to Government and Commercial entities.

Magnolia Optical Technologies is a start up Technology Company providing Research and Development services in optical sciences and electro-optics areas. The company takes pride in state-of-the-art development, modeling and simulation of infrared detectors, lasers and optical design for US defense and commercial applications.

The company possesses significant talent in nanotechnology and implementation of nanoscience in optical and optoelectronics devices. Our primary customers are government agencies and large defense contractors. We provide technical R&D and consultation in the following areas:

  • Modeling and simulation of electro-optics devices
  • Infrared detector design
  • Focal plane array design
  • Solar cell design
  • Semiconductor materials and nanomaterials development and characterization
  • Technical consultation on system design and analysis

As part of our efforts Magnolia Optical is also developing novel bolometer using nanomaterials, such as carbon nanotube and graphene, multi-color focal plane arrays using HgCdTe and novel IR detectors using III-V Type-II strained layer superlattice and nanomaterial enabled photovoltaic devices.

Our strategy is to collaborate with major DoD companies, Universities, Government laboratories and other small companies to leverage capabilities and talent. Partnering with Government labs and universities offer us access to a variety of state-of-the-art research facilities where our staff can conduct research. This business model allows low overhead and cost of research.

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