R & D

Magnolia Optical Technologies, Inc. specializes in products and technologies that use advanced semiconductor materials and nanotechnology for optical sensors and devices.

Magnolia group of companies have been granted several dozen U.S. patents that encompass a wide range of technologies. The broad portfolio of patents encompasses the following multidisciplinary technologies:

  • Infrared radiation sensing devices incorporating carbon nanotubes
  • Ultraviolet, infrared and terahertz phot/radiation sensors using graphene
  • Graphene based thermal detectors
  • Nanostructure based durable hydrophobic antireflection structures
  • Broadband photovoltaic sheets
  • Nanocomposite microbolometer for IR detection based on silicon nitride, carbon naotubes, and graphene
  • Concentrator photovoltaic subassembly
  • VXOY based IR detectors
  • Near-IR photodetectors based on graphene enhanced SiGe
  • Solar augmenter
  • Roll-to-roll CIGS solar cell fabrication process
  • Multi-junction solar cells with step graded antireflection nanostructures
  • High efficiency solar cell utilizing quantum effects
  • Flexible, thin film solar cells
  • Solar cells employing nanocrystalline superlattice
  • Optically thin III-V solar cells
  • Portable solar array
  • Chalcogenide solar cells

Many of these technologies are protected by multiple patents. In addition, Magnolia has deep knowledge of graduated refractive index nanostructure coatings. This know-how is based on proprietary modeling techniques that allow these coatings to be implemented on silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, gallium nitride, and cadmium telluride substrates for ultraviolet, visible and infrared applications, including high quality solar cells for commercial, space, and defense application.

Magnolia's approach to further progressing these technologies is to provide direct support to customers based on its proprietary technologies and to collaborate with partner companies to pursue large, global markets.

Magnolia Optical has partnered with CNSE Albany NanoTech to conduct collaborative research and product development. CNSE Albany NanoTech Complex is a fully-integrated R & D facility. The partnership with CNSE center provides Magnolia the strategic support it needs during the initial stages of product development and prototyping. Magnolia scientists and engineers take advantage of the state-of-the-art research tools to develop next generation of materials and products. The CNSE support available to Magnolia staff minimizes the need for significant capital investment. Some of the advanced tools used by our staff are shown below.


Evaporation System

Structural Characterization

Optical Characterization

Automated Evaporation

Electrical Characterization

Clean Room

Process Fabrication

Multi-target Sputtering System