Single Photon Detection 4096x4096 Scalable UV Focal Plane Array with High Quantum Efficiency for Boost Phase Missile Defense Applications

In order to detect missile launches in the Boost phase, large format UV focal planes capable of detecting 200-350 nm have great promise. In this proposal, Magnolia Optical Technologies describes UV focal planes containing many millions of pixels capable of high performance required to detect boost phase launches. Magnolia proposes the design and development of a 4096x4096 UV focal plane. Using silicon based micro-channel plate technology, with pores sizes of two micron diameter with three micron pitch will be fabricated using photolithographic/ ICP etching technology. Magnolia proposes to achieve quantum efficiencies of greater then 40% at 250 nm, a wide band-gap semiconductor, GaN will be deposited, using MOCVD process, on the pores to serve as high performance photocathode. This assembly is mounted on a multi-layer ceramic board (MCB) and read-out integrated circuits are placed on the opposite side of the MCB . Using these fabrication technologies will result in cost effective innovative large format UV focal planes for boost phase detection systems.

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Dr. Yash R. Puri
Co-Founder, Executive VP and CFO


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