Low Power Highly Integrated Packaging Schemes for High-Speed Transciever

Magnolia Optical Technologies proposes to develop a terabit 2-dimensional optical transceiver module. The module will provide the critical interface to the processors and servers in the future US Army ground vehicle systems with an optical networkconnected into the system through optical PCI interfaces. The transmitter will interface with information/data coming from a PCI bus, convert it to data packets, serialize and convert to optical signal. The receiver will receive the optical signal comingover the network from a transmitter, deserialize the data, and convert it back to the PCI interface requirement for use by another process or PCI device. The photonic devices (the laser transmitter and the detector/receiver) are integrated with theelectronics such that while the module will be designed to work with the current PCI standards, as this architecture evolves in the future, only part of the electronic buffers will need to be modified. The photonic components, the associated drivers, andserializer/desiralizer will not require any modification.This technology will allow implementation of a fiber optic network to connect various sensors and communications links in a ground vehicle.In order to provide ultra-high bandwidth to meet the future information needs, future vehicle systems for Armysystems would need to transition their information systems to fiber optics based technology. This will allow TACOM to bring information from a variety of sensors, reconnaissance assets such as satellites and other command and control into the groundvehicle. Magnolia Optical Technologies has investigated potential fiber optic based information bus system architectures to provide the security, safety, redundancy and ultra-wide bandwidth for a viable lightweight, low cost and logistically sound combatvehicle replacement bus to carry TACOM through the 21st Century. The product will have many applications in high-speed local area networks for high-speed optical netwoks for distances below two kilometers in the commercial environments. There is a largemarket for these networks for intra-building applications.

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