Nano-Inspired Broadband Photovoltaics Sheets

This proposed Phase I SBIR program with the US Army will focus on demonstrating ultra-low dark current in flexible, high-efficiency photovoltaic cells with nano-enhanced absorbers. By extending infrared absorption, power conversion efficiencies in single-junction, nano-enhanced solar cells can potentially meet or even exceed the Shockley-Queisser limit. Novel device designs utilizing advanced band gap engineering will be employed to suppress non-radiative recombination and expose the limiting radiative component of the dark current. Light trapping structures and new nanostructured absorber designs will also be considered to maximize the creation and collection of photogenerated carriers. Flexible photovoltaic devices will be fabricated using the established full-wafer epitaxial liftoff process at MicroLink Devices. Magnolia"s innovative approach can be applied to the design of light-weight and flexible photovoltaic sheets capable of achieving conversion efficiencies in excess of 25% over a wide range of operating conditions.

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Dr. Yash R. Puri
Co-Founder, Executive VP and CFO


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