Low Power Highly Integrated Packaging Schemes for High-Speed Transceiver Modules

Magnolia will develop an ultra high-speed, two-dimensional parallel optical modules with 10 x 10 up to 32 x 32 matrix arrays to transmit and receive information over distances up to one kilometer for multimode and single mode fiber. The design of thesewill be based on an improved understanding of the dynamic spatial modal content of the VCSELs and emphasis will be placed on low-cost, misalignment tolerant solutions. In addition, arrays of ultra low power driver and receivers with speeds in excess of 10Gigabit per second per channel will be designed, simulated, and fabricated. Innovative methods of conserving power will be explored. The modules will incorporate backend electronics using new circuit topologies to perform testing prior to heterogeneousintegration of the active component onto the driver or receiver substrate. Innovative low noise, high frequency packaging schemes will be developed for integration into a module. Magnolia Optical Technologies, Inc. is using emerging advancedoptoelectronic devices, packaging, and systems integration expertise is developing modules on the cutting edge of ultra wide bandwidth secure communications technology. These technologies will enable transceiver modules that transmit and receiveinformation at speeds equal to or greater than one terabit per second. These ultra high-speed transceivers are required to meet the rigorous demands of tomorrow's real time information needs in cockpits,

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Dr. Yash R. Puri
Co-Founder, Executive VP and CFO


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