Magnolia Optical achieved record efficiency of 30.3% for its massively quantum structured GaAs based solar cell that will open new applications for light weight and high efficiency mobility applications.

Woburn, Mass (October 10, 2022) - Magnolia Optical Technologies, Inc. announced today that its India subsidiary MagnoliaSemi Systems Pvt. Ltd. has delivered novel massively quantum structured high performance advanced quantum structured solar cell to Department of Space, Government of India. The GaAs based epitaxial structure comprises growth optimized strain balanced high Indium content InGaAs/GaAsP/GaAs multiple quantum wells (QW). During the entire technology development journey, Magnolia and its development partner had focused continuously on alleviating growth anomalies to preserve the two-dimensional epitaxial growth in the massively quantum structured QW regions by growth temperature, Group V ratios and offcut optimizations, leading to achieving super high efficiency targets. Specifically, the team developed the appropriate top InGaP superstructure to harvest the higher current arising from the massively quantum structured solar cell, while maintaining the epitaxial process for the bottom reflector with DBR to enable up to 96% increase in the QW absorption. This process allowed achieving the same current gain from 50 QWs as would be produced by 100 QWs with no DBR. Our epitaxial technology expertise and know-how in advanced compound semiconductor photovoltaics has enabled us to achieve this high performance of exceeding 30% efficiency.

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Dr. Yash R. Puri
Co-Founder, Executive VP and CFO

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