Magnolia Optical Technologies Announced High-Performance Vanadium Oxide, CNT, and Graphene based Microbolometer Technology

Woburn, Mass.

Microbolometer technology and devices for infrared (IR) sensing and imaging have commonly featured microbridges comprising Si3N4 as well as vanadium oxide (VOx) materials to provide decent detection performance for IR band applications.

Magnolia further improved the temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) and achieved greater dynamic range through additional incorporation of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene. For the development of these high performance and low noise IR microbolometer detectors with improved TCR, VOx layers were grown on 4-inch SiO2/Si wafers as well as on Si substrates using a DC magneton sputtering process involving flow of oxygen and argon gases.

The electrical and performance properties of these optimized VOx layer device structures have shown significant noise reductions in addition to enhancements in TCR. The results demonstrate the potential for developing improved noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD) high performance microbolometer focal plane arrays (FPAs) and high-resolution cameras for advanced defense IR detection and imaging applications.

Dr. Ashok Sood, President of Magnolia stated that "The DARPA program provided the key support needed to develop this technology. We are grateful to DARPA program manager for the helpful guidance provided throughout this program and look forward to developing this technology further for defense and commercial applications."

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Magnolia Optical Technologies, Inc. specializes in developing innovative optical technologies for defense and commercial applications. Based in Woburn, MA, Magnolia develops technologies that cover the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared part of the spectrum. These technologies are developed for use in advanced military sensors, optical systems, and commercial applications.

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